Can Hamsters Eat Popcorn?

Hamsters are gentle creatures that need our care and attention. Their bodies and digestive systems are quite sensitive and they can’t eat a lot of the things that we eat. Caring for a hamster is not that hard and many people enjoy having them as pets because a lot of care is not necessary.

They can’t be taken to a walk or played with as much as we can with some other pets, but they are still fun to have around and can be quite interesting. Hamster as a pet is very popular in recent years.

It is almost as good as dogs and cats, but the hamster as a pet cannot live in any way with the animals mentioned, because otherwise the danger of being their dessert after a bowl of warm milk increases. He is more than just curious, and you do not have to worry if you think you’ll have a problem with him getting hurt.

This tiny, lovely thing that is very intelligent. Once you see this puffed-like animal, you will not be able to separate from it and you will want a hamster as a pet to be a part of your home.

Popcorn – Nutritive information

The Corn for popcorn is the only type of corn that “shoots” and thus creates famous favorite snacks. This kind of corn was cultivated by Indians in South and North America. By moving and spreading corn in the world, the production of popcorn grows.

The use of this kind of corn became commercial more than 100 years ago, and its popularity and consumption increased rapidly in 1940.

Corn has an extremely hard grain, and consists of endosperm, germ and pericarp. Pericarp is a solid protective layer around the grain, which is an important factor in the quality of the process of converting corn into popcorn. But the cell is the one that contributes most to the phenomena of popping corns.

Popping of the grain occurs when the temperature inside the grain is about 177 degrees Celsius, where the heated water in the grain passes into a vapor that creates a pressure of about 2.5 t / cm3, resulting in the expansion and breakdown of the grain.

A team of scientists at Pennsylvania University “Scranton” claims that popcorn contains more antioxidants than fruits and vegetables. They point out that one portion of popcorn has about 300 milligrams of antioxidants, which is almost twice as high as 160 milligrams, how much it contains a portion of any fruit.

The popcorn antioxidant concentrate has it in itself because it actually contains only 4% of water, while in some types of fruits and vegetables this percentage reaches 90. In this case, the largest amount of antioxidants and fibers is found in crispy popcorn. On the other hand, be careful how to prepare popcorn so that they do not lose their healthy ingredients.

This was confirmed by the professor of chemistry, dr. Joe Weinson of Scranton University, and in his research, says that if popcorn is added to fat such as oil, their energy value is rising, and the amount of protective factors decreases.

So, if they are prepared with oil, zeaxanthin and lutein, which are in corn, and represent pigments from the group of carotenoids, they drop from 1087 mcgn at 829 mcg into 100 g of corn, which means that they also decrease nutritive values.

If popcorn is being prepared on the air, which is usually done in a popcorn machine, with no added fat and salt, then the values ​​of protective factors climb, so the beta-carotene, which is also in corn, is a pigment rich in antioxidants 66 mcg, while the combination of lutein and zeaxanthin at 1087 mcg.

The average fat of popcorn without the addition of oil or butter is 9.5 g per 100 gr, while it rises with the addition of oil to as much as 43.5 g. As far as energy values ​​are concerned, 100 grams of popcorn prepared in a popcorn machine with no fat additives has 382 calories.

If you only add one tablespoon of oil, the number of calories in popcorn increases to 517, while butter increases to as much as 536 calories.

Can Hamsters Eat Popcorn?

Giving your hamster popcorn to eat is perfectly safe and nothing bad is going to happen to him. This furry animal enjoys eating popcorn and it comes as a perfect treat for him. Hamsters love nibbling on foods and popcorns are fun for them since they get that small crunch they are always looking for in their food.

Best way to feed your hamster popcorn is by giving him plain white ones, because too oily or too buttery popcorns can be problematic. It is not that your hamster is going to be in life threatening position after eating popcorn or two, just make sure this is not something like a normal food or meal option for him. Giving your hamster too much popcorn can cause weight gain, and chubby hamsters have a lot of health issues in general. Problems with heart rate, motion and other problems might occur. Make sure you are always giving your hamster popcorn that was prepared without salt and without too much oil. Best option is to prepare them on hot air.

When introducing new food into your pet’s diet, always make sure you give them smaller amounts of this new food and later on increase the amount as time goes on. This way you are going to see your pet’s reaction and adjust the sizes of the portions to fit his needs. There is no need to make your pet eat something he doesn’t want to eat, and you don’t have to give him popcorn if he doesn’t like them.

Avoid making popcorn his main meal, because this can cause various problems for his health. Your furry bundle still needs to get his vitamins and minerals from the food especially prepared for him, so there is no need to introduce popcorn as an important meal of the day.

Tips on Hamster care

If you have decided to get a sweet hamster, before you buy it, provide it with adequate space in which he is going to live. The terrarium must be provided for the hamster, and if you do not know what to choose, consult the workers of some of the pet shops. If you are not familiar enough and decide for yourself your old aquarium, from which you will be able to discharge something, it can very easily happen that it is not sufficiently secured, and that the hamster escapes from it.

His small world should also contain compulsory elements such as a house, a dish from which he will eat and a roll in which he will play running without purpose in it. That’s just one of his favorite games.

Instead of carpet, he needs a sawdust sprinkled on the surface on which it moves, in order to make it more pleasant, but also warmer. Make sure that his “furniture” is not from the tree, because otherwise he will be crushed. Provide the terrarium with an adequate lid, thanks to which it will not be able to escape it, but also a cover that will not prevent the air intake. No matter how high the terrarium seemed to be and although it’s made from glass, you think your hamster will not be able to climb, know that White Hamster is more than capable of doing that and that if you do not put a secure lid safely he will escape.

Hamster loves to eat seeds of all kinds, but also root vegetables. In pet stores you can buy them, but there you will also be advised what is that you could prepare by yourself. He is a big fan of fruits like apples and bananas. You should not give him the remains of your food, nor sugar. And if you are wondering how much this little creature can eat, it’s about 20 grams of food, which will say one spoon.

If he does not eat everything you gave him the previous day, throw it away before giving him a new one, and fresh water must always be in the terrarium.

In the terrarium, make sure to insert pieces of wood on which he is going to sharpen his teeth, and at the same time play around, but also add some supplies of minerals.